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Five Nights at Jonny's

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Guess what! It's good news! Jonny got a new job! It's closer to home with better pay. And it's accessible via walking/public transport so my general health will go up and gas expenses will go down. Everything is awesome. :cheesy

But as the old adage goes God doesn't open a door without throwing a rock through a window. Or something like that. I'm sick. :X I have a cold and it sucks. My new job won't start until next Monday, so I've got 5 days worth of free time that I can't spend anywhere but indoors. Time to handle this the only way I know how: playing a shit ton of video games and streaming them!


How it's goin' down

WHEN: Every day this week. More specific, Tuesday November 10 through Saturday November 14 at 4:00 PM EST each day.
  • Fallout 4 - Playing completely blind, never done a Fallout before
  • SOMA - Continuing my play-through from where I left off last week
  • Half Life 2 - Gonna try my best to record this one along with playing it, will be a bit of a challenge but fun nonetheless
  • Sonic Generations - Will be fun to play this one with NyQuil
  • Alice: Madness Returns - Seems a logical choice to add
WHERE: My Twitch Channel

Ironically this does not include Five Nights at Freddy's

Times/Titles are subject to change depending on my health/mental state

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Jonny's Twitch

Jonny Plays: SOMA

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WHEN: Saturday, October 31 at 8:30 PM EST
WHERE: My Twitch Channel

My first foray into the LP scene two weeks ago was a big hit. So here we go again! I've never played SOMA, nor heard much of it. But CS12 suggests it as a good Halloween special. And given that I'm not likely to complete the game in one sitting this will be the first multipart LP series I do.

Also: Halloween edition of JPTV

Rosiero will be streaming The Evil Dead 2 on JPTV at 5:50 PM EST,

Jonny Plays: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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WHEN: Friday, October 16 at 6 PM EST
WHERE: My Twitch Channel

In light of recent events (read: JP turning 13 and me potentially finding a new, better-paying job) I decided to kick it old-school with some Sonic 2. Fun fact: I've never beaten this game as Sonic, only as Knuckles. Everyone tells me it's harder to play as Knux than Sonic, guess I'm just weird like that :P

Oh well. Time to git gud. If all goes well I might make this a bi-weekly thing where I play games requested by the JP community. :westen


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Shiny! :) :P


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:westen :westen :westen imma troll 4 life bitch!

Remember when people came to JP for stuff other than the shoutbox? :P

12th Anniversary

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JP is 12 now, yay! :D I began planning some stuff for this occasion at Pukkelpop with Thunder, but haven't finished it yet. But here's a token celebration post anyway! :P

Crossing the streams

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Friday, November 22 at 5:00 PM, Jizzcraft1010/MrSneaky will be hosting a live stream of the server. His channel can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/mrsneakyguyx

Invite your friends!

Dirge For November

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A lot of you are wondering when we will update the server to 1.7, as well as what changes will happen when we do so. I also get asked about tourneys/mods a lot. Well this megapost will answer it all.
A lot of you are wondering when we will update the server to 1.7, as well as what changes will happen when we do so. I also get asked about tourneys/mods a lot. Well this megapost will answer it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you update the server?
A: I don't know. Right now we are waiting for bukkit to release a build compatible with 1.7+, as well as all of our plugins to follow suit.

Q: Will the map stay?
A: Unfortunetly it cannot. 1.7 changes world generation so much that it would be better if we started fresh. Also because mods teleported people to insane distances (some reaching the farlands) the server is constantly overloading and crashing. Before the reset I will be taking screenshots and making archive backups

Q: Will we keep our stuff?
A: New map means everything gets reset. You'll lose all items and money.

Q: Will we lose our ranks?
A: All ranks will stay the same, but I might need to spend some time fixing them for each account.

Q: When will the next tournament be?
A: The Desert PVP Arena is complete, and we will have a tournement before 1.7. The winner will receive an enchanted bow after the map resets. This tournament will allow teaming and will be open to people of all ranks.

Q: Need any help building the new spawn?
A: Thanks for the offer, but no

Q: Who will the next mod be?
A: Stop asking

Q: Can I be a mod?
A: Stop asking

Q: What else will change?
A: See the wall of text below


Changes to the Economy

Right now the Economy of the server is a little jacked. Take a look at the top player balances:

10. crEEEperrr23, $27481.38
9. chickenbone15, $34207
8. XxZonkersxX, $40540.50
7. TheEclipsor, $43226
6. IronMan617, $46570.10
5. InfectedH4wk, $55956.55
4. ButtOverlord, $72900
3. JZephyr_, $91490.01
2. Meaganator14, $143239
1. red_the_flame1, $175979

With cash like this it isn't hard to obtain a fuckload of diamonds. Combined with the enchant shop, a full set of enchanted diamond gear becomes trivial. It got like this due to items being sold for too much money, and enchants/claims costing too little. Not to mention there was no way to lose money. So when the new map is live the following changes will be made:
  • Sell prices for items will be reduced
  • Less items will be sellable. I'm sorry about the Emerald Ore (I'm not)
  • There won't be an item shop at spawn. Everything must be obtained legit or bought/traded/pillaged from other users
  • You'll lose some money when you die

Now, you're probably ready to complain about all this. Before you do consider the following:
  • Users will be able to type /sell to sell items from anywhere
  • The Black Market will continue to be availible, selling a few normally unobtainable items
  • Users will be able to build their own item shops and sell to each other
  • Killing users will steal some of the money they lose

Hopefully this will balance everything out, giving everyone more ways to earn money while keeping inflation in check.

Changes to Teams/Protecting Land

We will be switching from MC Factions to Towny. Towny will allow you to protect land, but unlike Factions charges a daily upkeep. So if you create a town and claim land, you'll need to deposit money into it's bank to keep your claim. Unclaimed land, or land that loses its claim, is open to grief.

Towny will also allow town owners to charge residents daily to live in their town. This will give owners another way to earn money for upkeep, expansion, or profit.

Now I've played on a Towny server before and it had one pitfall: upkeep prices were so steep that I needed to constantly sell to maintain my claims. Prices were so high I had little time for exploration, building, or playing on other servers. The last thing I want to do is take all the enjoyment out of Minecraft, so prices will be very forgiving in the beginning. Over time we'll adjust to keep things challenging, but fun.

11th Anniversary

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Jonny's Place is 11 years old. Yay! :westen
Jonny's Place is 11 years old. Yay! :westen To celebrate, JPBeta is being pushed live. Our old site is still available HERE

The forums are a ghost town, but as a whole the community is more active than ever. I'd like to thank everyone who plays on our Minecraft server, all the fine folks on JPTV, and the handful of longtime members who continue to make this place kick all the ass.

Also major props to Thunder. JPTV would not be possible without you and you officially have way more patience and video skills than I'll ever have. :X

Now let's rock the fuck out to our official theme song! Bad Religion - You

You guys will be awesome for eternity and ETERNITY IS A LONG FUCKING TIME!!!

1.6 time!

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We are upgrading to version 1.6


Current progress: (all times EST)
  • 2:52 PM: Backups being made
  • 3:33 PM: Backups are complete, 1.6 is installed, installing plugins now
  • 3:57 PM: Essentials installed and configed. On to GroupManager next
  • 3:58 PM: Looks like minecraft.net is down. Nice timing :/
  • 4:22 PM: GroupManager good to go! WorldEdit next
  • 4:29 PM: WorldEdit is a go. Time for Factions
  • 4:42 PM: All plugins good to go. Whitelist disabled

Well here we are again

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Time for a quick update! As of right now, the new host is ONLINE and all plugins are go. Currently a whitelist is in effect limiting the server to myself and the mods. This whitelist will be taken down as soon as the new spawn is completed.

Due to IRL stuff, I will be offline from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon (EST). This will unfortunately cause a delay in getting the new spawn ready. The new projected date is Sunday, June 23 in the evening.

Change of MC Server host

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Image Credit

What the fuck happened THIS TIME?

ServerCrafters done fucked up. In late May I received an email informing me that the owner of ServerCrafters changed, with new management blaming all their problems on the old. A week later our current bout of downtime began. Turns out, it wasn't just our server that was down. On minecraftforum people were flooding the ServerCrafters thread with complaints of downtime and no response from support.

To make matters worse, I was keeping weekly backups of the map but they were all server-side. This means that the map has once again been lost.

I've decided the best course of action is to find a more reliable host. This will be a massive pain in the ass, but ultimately worth it.

When will the server be back online?

Everything will be done by Saturday, June 22 at the latest. Mods will be given early access by Wednesday, if possible. Keep in mind the server IP will change, but the domain "minecraft.jonnys-place.com" will be redirected. So as long as you connect to that IP, you will be ready for Saturday.

Any other changes?

From now on I will be downloading weekly backups to my hard drive, so the map will never be lost again. All plugins will be the same though.

Final Thoughts

I understand a lot of people might leave, and I don't blame them. This is partially my own fault for trusting the host to be my only backup source.

I want to thank anyone who sticks around though. You guys make it all worth it.

See ya Saturday. Stay gold.

Minecraft Server updates and info

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Shit's gettin' crazy in the server. Time to sort a few things out.
Shit's gettin' crazy in the server. Time to sort a few things out.

What happened?

Put simply, the old map was corrupt and so were a few plugins. It was so bad that the server crashed as soon as someone went into certain chunks. Restarting the server didn't help, because as soon as people logged back in the corrupt chunks reloaded and the server crashed all over again.

The old map is backed up and can be downloaded here:


...however, it won't be coming back to the server.

What are we doing now?

Right now we have a temporary map running. THIS MAP IS TEMPORARY. We are only using it to test a new lineup of plugins/settings. If the server holds up for a week we'll move on to a new, permanent map.

When will that happen?

If all goes well, the new map will be up Saturday (May 18) early in the morning. If the server is offline it means I am configuring things.

What else has changed?

We are still running factions. Factions still require you to earn in-game cash for claiming land. How you earn cash has changed.
  • Our old economy plugin has been replaced by EssentialsEco
  • EcoMob (getting money for killing mobs) is gone
  • To earn cash, you may sell items to a shop at spawn
  • The temp map only has shops for a few mob drops and minerals
  • The final map will have shops for all mob drops, minerals, and crops
  • There will even be ways to set up your own trade posts to earn cash/items

How can I help?

REPORT ERRORS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. I can't stress this enough. Configuring plugins and permission is a giant pain in the ass. The sooner I know about anything that's missing or broken, the sooner it gets fixed.

That's all for now. Enjoy the temp map while you can. Have fun, stay golden.

- Jonny

New beta version is up and running

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New update for JP Beta! There's a lot of stuff left to do, but w/e :P
New update for JP Beta! There's a lot of stuff left to do, but w/e :P

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Rosiero: donnerstag you liek pahper mario
Rosiero: http://threefingeredsalute.com/comments.php?id=94
Darth NANAME: And what's that purpose?
Rosiero: And if you think that's weird, I've found an actual purpose for 3xS that I'm very unlikely to quit!
Jonny Axehandle: Working towards this design: http://www.jonnys-place.com/frontend_mockup/
Darth NANAME: Seems like a lot of work for a dead webs-*shot*
Jonny Axehandle: What do you think of our sudden new layout?
Darth NANAME: I'm a very boring person.
Jonny Axehandle: Yet you still come every day it seems :P
Darth NANAME: You people are still alive? God damn.
Rosiero: Happy 13th, you zombie piece of shit
Darth NANAME: I'm tempted to post an update to the Soniquest for April Fools, but fuck it.
Darth NANAME: Happy Decemberween, everyone.
Green: Start advertising again!
The Agent: hello salutations to all may your trees bear many fruit
Green: What happened to the server? Again
Darth NANAME: How nostalgic.
Rosiero: I checked out JP again and replied to a topic!
Darth NANAME: Apparently.
Dr0oO: so ive been out of the loop awhile is minecraft the new thing on JP?
Rosiero: hey can i have vip lol
Darth NANAME: yay
Jonny Axehandle: Hey look the server is fixed
Rosiero: Hey Naname, if you ever find yourself on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, come check out JPTV
Darth NANAME: Don't worry, despite your best efforts, I'm still alive.
SwaggyBananas: hey
Rosiero: Hey do you guys have any interests other than Minecraft?
Meaganator14: JZ!! :)
JZephyr_: Sup people :D
Darth NANAME: Merry Smissmas, everyperson.

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